Packs out in October

posted 13 Nov 2018, 06:20 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1   [ updated 13 Nov 2018, 06:22 ]

October was one of the busiest months on record we provided Starter Packs to 54 homes within these homes were 39 single people, 15 families including 24 children.

To put this into context, we needed 54 Washing up Liquids, 54 Hand Washes, 54 Kitchen Rolls, 108 Tea Towels, 58 Adult Hygiene Packs and 24 Children Hygiene Packs. Stock remains low and
we continually having to a lot more to top up our shelfs.

Thank you all for your continued support your help is very much appreciated.

MONTHLY FOCUS for November

posted 13 Nov 2018, 05:56 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, Washing up Liquid and Cleaning Cloths.

Items in short supply:- Hand Wash, Shampoo, Deodorant, Shaving Foam and Toothpaste.

Coffee Morning Reminder

posted 13 Nov 2018, 05:53 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

We are holding a fund raising Coffee Morning and Bric a Brac Sale at St Mary's Church Hall on Tuesday 27th November 10am to 12 noon.  Tickets are £2.00 and can
be purchased at the door.


posted 11 Oct 2018, 03:36 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

Thanks to Amy Lee and the staff of the Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgage Centre for their donations, this is very much appreciated.  Thanks for your support.

Packs for September

posted 11 Oct 2018, 03:33 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1   [ updated 11 Oct 2018, 03:34 ]

Another busy month here at Starter Packs Inverclyde, we provided Starter Packs to 36 homes within these homes were 34 single people 2 families and 3 children.

Our Monthly Focus for October is:-  Men's Shampoo, Shower Gel, Shaving Foam, Razers and Deodorant.

Items in short supply, Kitchen Roll, Hand Wash and Washing Up Liquid.

Packs for August

posted 6 Sep 2018, 05:33 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

Another busy month here at Starter Packs Inverclyde, we gave out Starter Packs to 39 homes with these home were 30 single people, 9 families including 22 children.

The monthly focus for September is:- Ladies' Shampoo, Shower Gel, Hand Wash, Deodorant and Face Cloths.

Items in short supply, Tea Towels, Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner and Kitchen Towels.

Thanks to you all for your ongoing support, this is very much appreciated.

Monthly Focus

posted 2 Aug 2018, 06:41 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

July has been the busiest month on record providing Starter Packs to 50 homes.  Within these homes were 39 single people, 11 families including 22 children.
Providing these packs has made a huge dent in our resources and we are currently in need of tea towels, kitchen cleaner, washing up liquid, deodorant, shampoo,
shower gel and sanitary products.

Monthly focus for August is:- Tea Bags, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste


posted 3 Jul 2018, 03:22 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

The monthly focus for July is:-

Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner, Tea Towels and Soap Powder.

Items that are in short supply:- Adult Shampoo, Deodorant and Shaving Foam for men.

Packs out in June

posted 3 Jul 2018, 03:19 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

Another busy month for us, the number of Starter Packs given out in June was 35 homes, 20 single people, 15 families including 29 children.

Sale at West End Festival in Glasgow

posted 26 Jun 2018, 05:51 by StarterPacks Inverclyde1

We would like to say a huge thanks to Keith Moore from River Clyde Homes.  For the third year running Keith has taken a stall at the West End Festival to sell retro ceramics etc., that have
been donated to Starter Packs which we cannot use.  This year Keith raised £185.00 for us.  The money will be used to purchase items in short supply.

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